Catherine Hartung


My paintings are a reflection of my deep respect and love of nature. My choice of subject matter has been greatly influenced by growing up surrounded by flowers and gardens on an organic farm in Upstate New York and currently living on top of a mountain overlooking the Adirondacks.      

I love and have been inspired by the work of Georgia O’keeffe, Milton Avery, Arthur Dove and Tom Thompson (the Group of Seven). Painting is a way to show my appreciation for the natural world that surrounds me.          

For the past few years, my time has been devoted exclusively to painting but earlier endeavors have included work in jewelry and metals and graphic illustration and design. I have learned to embrace my background in these two areas and realize this is an integral part of who I am as an artist.           

While many of my paintings are closely tied to realism, I have now branched out to include abstract painting and collage. With abstraction I can communicate more complex thoughts and emotions. The hope is to eventually merge these two painting styles and create works of art that combine both my love of nature and my interpretation about the world we live in.