Ed Williams



What drew me to photography is the ability to capture an instant in time, allowing me and the viewer to revisit that moment countless times reiterating the emotions, thoughts, and interests. My intent, however, is not to recreate merely but to articulate my artistic interpretation towards envisioning the moment, letting it engulf us, begging us to take a closer look. It is this interpretation that will have you questioning how I accomplished this, drawing you further into my work for an even more intimate contemplation. It will captivate your interest, making you question is this a painting, drawing, photograph or some combination of them all.      

I have fully embraced the digital age of photography, using all its tools it has to offer to create my artistic interpretation of our world. Over time, I have developed my techniques in digital manipulation, taking my work to new and exhilarating denotations.      

My technique is an intermingling of filters, brush strokes and adjustments layered and then blended together to create distinctive paint like renditions of my photography. During these processes, I employ varying ways to manipulate light, color, and texture creating my artistic revelation of a landscape, portrait or event. The coherence in my body of work just does not lie within its genre; also, its unity lies with my method and processes used to create it.      

My inspiration comes from the love of being outdoors in nature for I am an avid outdoors person. My second home is on the trails and streams, hiking and paddling my way to nowhere, following my passion for chasing small Brook Trout in the streams of the Northeast.     

 My tendency is to create digitally manipulated photographs that express my artistic approach to photography. Allowing my innermost identity to be expressed in a creative way that, hopefully, captures your emotions provokes your thoughts and encompasses your interest.