Juried Show Awards

First Place


          Anastasia Osolin

Second place

"Geisha Glamour"

          Sharon Carey

Third Place

"Winter Grasses"

         Mary Michelfelder

Honorable Mentions

"Near the Falls"

          Jonathan Stasko

"Dew Drop"

          Phil Gallos

"The Way"

          Barry Lobdell

Juried Show Accepted Artworks

We had a record number of submissions for this year’s juried show, and the work was absolutely amazing - 158 pieces by 84 artists. Our juror selected 95 pieces by 72 artists for exhibition. What a wonderful community of artists we live among!

Below is a list of works accepted into this year’s juried show.

Kay Best                               The Depot                                                           NFS

Kay Best                               A Snag at Heron Marsh.                                   NFS      

Mary Jean Bland.                A Bridge to Winter                                            $200

Carole Bracy                        Rustic Puddle Play                                            $300

Sharon Branch                   Fern Cottage, Where the Fairies Live.            NFS

Karla Brieant                      Still Life                                                                $250

Alison Brown                      Ancient Mariner                                                 $150       

Alison Brown                      No  Water, No Life; No Blue, No Green          $150    

Diane Brown                       Dancing Sunlight on Snow                               $425

Sarah Budd                         Where the Magic Begins                                  $350           

James  Bullard                     Barn-Selleck  Road                                            $400

Amelia Busha                      Sultry                                                                   $500

Amelia  Busha                     Humble                                                                $500

Sharon  Carey                     Birds  of  a  Feather                                           $325

Sharon  Carey                     Geisha  Glamour                                                $185

Saikat Chakraborty             Transition                                                           $300

Jon  Chodat                          Pike  Line                                                             $175

Steven  Cobb                       Keene  Valley  Barn                                            NFS

Marie  Cogar                        Iridescent  Delight                                             $190

Marie  Cogar                        Light  Shine                                                         $85

Ruth  Crotty                          Vanessa                                                               $500

Jeanne  L.  Danforth            Still  Waters  of  Familiarity                               $1010

Gabe  Dickens                      Morning  Love                                                    $125

Holly  Friesen                        Summer Grasses                                              $695

Kenneth  Gadway                 Mountain  Vessel                                              $3500

Kenneth  Gadway                 Natural  Edge,  Butternut                                $495

Phil  Gallos                             Dew Drop                                                           $300

Judy  Guglielmo                     On  Fire                                                              $175

Shawn  Halperin                    Owl/4                                                                 $1800

Patricia  Healey                     Let’s  Dance                                                       $40

Sandra  Hildreth                   Heron Marsh                                                     $2400

Mary Hinsman                      No  Wi-Fi                                                             $300

Susan Hoffer                         Illuminations  #1                                               $495

Fred  Holman                        Misty  Field                                                         $225

Ferd Holman                          Path  to  the River                                            $225

Anne  Hughes                        Jewels  of Nature                                              $650

Anne  Hughes                        The Forest  Floor                                              $675

M.C.Huskie                             A  Few Holdovers                                             $1800

Ray Karpicki                           Florida                                                                $800

Ray Karpicki                           Diner                                                                   $800

Elsa  Koop- Angelicola          Luna Over Lake Champlain                            $450

Betsy Krebs                            Lake  Ozonia                                                     $950

Betsy Krebs                            Big Moose Outlet                                             $550

Annoel  Krider                        One Single Prayer                                           $600

Mark Kurtz                              St. Luke in the Field, New York City              $185

Mark Kurtz                              Woolworth Building, New York                     $185

Rachel Lamb                          Emerge                                                               $850

Catherine LaPointe Vollmer   Cholla                                                              $175  

Gary Larsen                            Goat Island Reflections                                   $325

Gary Larsen                            Tupper  Light                                                    $325

Ronald Larsen                         Runic  Reeds                                                    $175

Merrell  Leavitt                        Manitou                                                            $1800

Diane  Leifheit                         Solstice                                                             $1200

Barry Lobdell                          The Way                                                             $250

Barry Lobdell                          Rome                                                                  $250   

Lynn  Manning                       Could  Not Ask For a Nicer Day                     $300    

Mary Michelfelder                  Crocus                                                                $90

Mary Michelfelder                  Winter Grasses                                                 $90

M. Lisa  Minnich                     Beside Barnum                                                 $150

Heather Morgan                    Braintree                                                            $275

Heather Morgan                    Mother of All Ice                                                 $125

Nicole Morin                           Concealment                                                      NFS

Skip Murray                             Village View                                                       $145

Margaret Murtagh                 Cold Winter Night at the Farm                       NFS

Rita Murtagh                           Misty Falls                                                           $75

Rita Murtagh                           Creek  Reflection                                               $75          

Lynda  Mussen                        Beach  Street,  11:00a.m.                                $200

Ron Nolland                            Shore Shapes                                                    $120

Andrea S. Novello                   Skating on Mirror Lake                                    NFS         

Andrea S. Novello                   Maasi in  Tanazania                                          NFS      

John  Omohundro                   Georgian  Bay                                                  $200

Anastia Osolin                         Portrait                                                              $400            

Burdette Parks                        River Glow                                                         $230

Yvette Poirier-Hamilton         Southwest Dream                                            NFS     

Yvette Porier-Hamilton          Ammonite                                                          NFS

Karen  Parker                           Sunset  Mandalas                                             $125         

Karen  Parker                           Inspired by Chihuly                                          $150

Larry  Poole                              On the Subway ll                                              $300      

Flossy  Powell                          Orbscure                                                            $125     

Anne  Ray                                 Redwood Peek-a-boo                                      $300   

Wind  Sop                                 Ledgehouse                                                       $75  

Jonathan Stasko                      Serenade in Green                                           $700

Jonathan Stasko                      Near the Falls                                                    $500

Eleanor Sweeney                     Rainy Day                                                          $250

Eleanor Sweeney                     Quiet Water                                                      $175 

Barbara Turnbull                      Early Green                                                     $250

Jen Van Benschoten                 The Number of the Goddess                        $128      

Jen Van Benschoten                 Untitled                                                            $136

Peter Van  Dien                        Palm Sunday                                                    $400

Cris Winters                               By Hand                                                           $260

Jeri Wright                                 Taggart Lake                                                     $325

Janet Marie Yeates                   Early May                                                         $550

Lindsay Yost                              Summer Dawn                                                 $300

Fred  Zimny                                Mdina,  Malta                                                  $200

Fred Zimny                                 Wilmington  Barn                                           $200


2019JuriedShowBrochureOutsideGold (pdf)


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