Ken Brodeur



My fascination with photography took over my life in my early teens when I developed my first black and white print.

When I was 17, I interned for a year with at a local photography studio in my hometown of Wallingford, Conn while simultaneously completing a correspondence course from the New York Institute of Photography.

At 18, I entered the military and was a photographer for the US Air Force. Upon my discharge, I opened a very successful full-time photography studio in Plattsburgh, NY. After 14 years of non-stop commercial photography it was no longer fun, and I closed the studio and moved onto other business ventures.

In late 2014, I was approached by the owner of Blair & Webber Studios in Plattsburgh about purchasing the business.  I had no intention of ever getting back "in" but when I walked into the camera room, it was like walking through a time portal. It felt like home and so I purchased it, strictly as a part-time venture to return to my passion and roots before I got too old.  

One of my life goals as a young photographer was to attain my Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America which unfortunately I never pursued.

However, in early 2014, I put this goal back on the “front burner” and finally earned it in 2018.

I love photography of any genre as the play of light, shadow and color fascinates me. Subject matter is not important.

As long as I can create an image that is pleasing to me, I am content.

Whether it be in the studio creating a portrait, photographing a landscape, a reflection in a pool of water or in the dark of night “light painting” a scene with a flashlight.